Headband Styling 101: Easy Hair Tips to Take You from Work-from-Home to Workout

Styling your hair doesn’t have to be complicated – even when you’re running late to your coffee date with your BFF. A trendy headband lets you elevate your look for any occasion in a matter of seconds. Plus, it’s a fuss-free hair accessory that will keep your locks in place all day, from that morning Zoom meeting all the way to your evening workout session. 

Ready to learn how to style a headband ahead of a busy day? Here are our favorite hair styling tips:

Floral Knotted Headband
  1. Start with Your Hairstyle 

Chic updo? Long, loose waves? Your hairstyle will play a big part in deciding which headband to wear and how to wear it. If you choose to leave your hair down, the sky is the limit as far as headband choices go. Wide or slim, plain or elegant – choose based on what you’re feeling and what looks great with the rest of your wardrobe.


Athletic Headband

Meanwhile, if you’re going for a workout-ready updo, ponytail or bun, opt for something lightweight. Easy fabrics and uncomplicated designs ensure you won’t get too hot and sweaty while you’re getting your steps in. Try a stretchy headwrap or a slim headband to hold back bangs and keep loose hair from falling into your face.

Pearl Headband

  1. Comb and Part Your Hair

It’s far too easy to slip on a headband and call it a day, and we’ve all done it on rushed Monday mornings. Good enough, right? Well, maybe not! With just a few extra minutes spent on your hair, you can make it look polished. Part it in the middle or on the side – whatever you prefer – and slip the headband on to keep your style in place.

  1. Pin It On, Wear It Out

Is your headband sliding around while you work or falling off in the middle of your jog? There’s an easy fix that will keep it in place all day! Use a couple of bobby pins right behind your ears to secure the headband to your hair so that it won’t slide around. This hair tip works best with lighter, thinner headbands or headwraps with a bit of fabric you can use to conceal the bobby pin.


  1. Try a Dual Purpose Style

From work meetings to grocery runs and fitness classes that you can’t miss again, you’re constantly on the go. You juggle more than one task at once – why shouldn’t your hairstyle do the same? Make your day a little easier by choosing a hair accessory that fits multiple occasions. Slip on a simple fabric headband to elevate your blowout for work, then gather your hair in a bun and conquer all of your errands in style.


  1. Don’t Stop Experimenting

When it comes to learning how to wear a headband, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Try headbands in various styles and sizes and pair them with different hairstyles. It won’t take too much experimenting before you find a few go-to looks you can rock for any occasion.

Now that you have some inspiration, shop Bellefixe to find a selection of stylish, comfortable headbands you’ll love – whether at work or while working out!