When you’re working out, you want to focus on the miles you run, the reps you complete, and the confidence you feel – not what your hair is doing. Keep your locks secure and out of your face with scrunchies, hair ties, and workout headbands that stay in place. Our BelleSPORT athletic headbands and other accessories are designed to fit snugly and stay put during any workout, from neighborhood walks to HIIT boot camps. Plus, because they’re made with breathable, moisture-wicking materials, they’ll keep you cool and comfortable while you sweat.

    BelleSPORT workout headbands and other accessories bring style to all of your active moments. Add a pop of color to your favorite gym outfit with neon hair ties. Or, keep it classic with a sleek black headband that easily transitions from work to working out. Have longer locks? Use our extra-strong hair ties and scrunchies to keep your hair off your neck and away from exercise equipment. Throw a few in your gym bag to make sure you’re always prepared! If you have shorter hair, workout headbands and headwraps will ensure your strands stay in place whether you’re crunching, running, or rowing.

    The best part? BelleSPORT accessories aren’t just for working out – you can also style them for running errands, relaxing at the beach, or working from home! Elevate your everyday messy buns with our scrunchies, or spice up loose, beachy waves with a twist headwrap. No matter how (or where) you wear them, our athletic accessories add the perfect touch of laid-back style.

    Ready to get active? Find the best workout headbands at Bellefixe!