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Work from Home Hair Accessories

Five Easy Ways to Elevate Your Zoom Look with Hair Accessories

These days, working remotely often means tossing on whatever is coziest before settling down in the home office (or, let’s be honest, on the couch). That is, up until the boss sends out an invite for an unexpected Zoom call. 

Don’t let last-minute “cameras on” reminders catch you off guard! It’s easy to go from cozy and comfortable to camera-ready in seconds with the right hair accessories. Keep reading for five quick and simple ways to pull off a polished look with a few work from home accessories for your hair.


Work from Home Headband

1. Add a Statement Headband

Cute headbands are a great way to amp up your Zoom look. These essential accessories work with any hair type or length and offer near-endless styling options. Wondering how to wear your headbands? Try adding one to a classic high pony or hide your at-home curtain bangs attempt (oops!) by creating a slicked-back look. 

When you’re really in a pinch for time, simply brush your hair and slip a padded headband over silky locks. Customize the look by choosing a design that makes a statement, like a pearl headband, braided headband, knotted headband, patterned headband or something else that fits your style!

Jaw Clip Hair Accessory

2. Create a Half-Up, Half-Down Style with a Jaw Clip

After having a major moment in the 90s, jaw clips are back and better than ever. Plus, they’re one of the best work from home accessories to keep on hand, offering a quick and easy style to throw together minutes before your Zoom call starts. Simply pull back the top half of your locks, add a clip in your favorite color and pull out a few strands for a breezy yet chic half-up look.


Work from Home Hair Accessories

3. Tame Bangs with Unique Hair Pins or Clips

Bangs getting in your way while you work? Try unique hair pins – think jeweled, pearl, crystal or floral – to keep them out of your face. The best part? To achieve this look, all you have to do is pull your bangs back and secure them with the pin. For an extra bit of style, you can create a side part or give your fringe a twist before pinning it.

Another variation of this look uses pretty clips to hold your bangs in place. This look works best if you have fuller bangs that are harder to secure with hairpins. Upgrade the look of basic hair clips by using options with fun patterns, crystals or charms.


Messy Bun Scrunchie

4. Elevate Your Basic Ponytail with Patterned Scrunchies

Ponytails can be anything from sleek and chic to stylishly messy – and they’re the perfect way to pull your hair back and make yourself look professional just in time for a Zoom call. However, you don’t have to stick with basic hair ties for this classic style. Instead, try spicing up the look with a patterned scrunchie. Whether you choose something sparkly, colorful or textured, a perfectly-placed scrunchie will add a trendy touch to your everyday pony.

5. Accessorize Messy Buns with Headwraps

Not only will headwraps help you stand out on Zoom calls, but they’ll give your messy bun a polished look, too. Simply style your topknot, then slip on a turban headwrap in your favorite color or pattern – it’s that easy.




Show off Your Style (Remotely) with Bellefixe

Sleek and chic or easy and breezy – no matter what look you’re going for, the right accessories can help you achieve it in minutes. If you want to elevate your Zoom hairstyles, Bellefixe has all of the trendy hair accessories you need to go from bedhead to business casual in seconds. 


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