10 Best Hair Accessories for Spring | Our Favorite Spring Hair Trends

Our Top 10 Favorite Hair Accessories for Spring  

Spring is in full swing, and after a long winter cooped up with Zoom meetings and quarantine craziness, it’s time to get outside and show off your style for the new season. Of course, you can’t forget the finishing touches – which include a stylish new hair accessory. Looking for ideas? Here are 10 of the best hair accessories to wear this spring!

1. Easy, Breezy Jaw Clips

Jaw clips were a craze in the 90s – and they’re making a major comeback. For a casual look, choose neutral yet chic designs, such as basic black or tortoise. Or, to make a statement, go with metallic or bedazzled styles. From polished chignons to quick half-up half-down looks, jaw clips are a simple, stylish accessory you’ll want to keep on hand this spring.

2. Classic Scrunchies

No longer reserved for 80s and 90s theme parties, scrunchies are a hair essential for the modern era. This spring, think pastel and floral patterns and don’t hesitate to mix up your style by layering scrunchies in different colors. They even look cute on your wrist when they’re not in your hair!

3. Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are a timeless accessory that can make any hairstyle look polished. Plus, with so many different patterns and colors to choose from, you can match them to your unique vibe. For spring, try hair scarves with dainty floral or soft pastel fabrics.

4. Knotted Headbands

Knotted headbands are among 2021’s biggest spring hair trends. Knots take your traditional headband and amp it up a notch with extra texture and a stylish focal point.

5. Basic Snap Clips

Who said basic has to be boring? A simple, timeless snap clip can hold back your bangs while adding personality to your hair look. Bonus points: Choose snap clips with embossing or crystals for a trendy touch.

6. Pretty Bobby Pins

Once a hair accessory made to be hidden, modern bobby pins are something else entirely. Now, they’re your chance to go glam. Glitter, rhinestones, pearls – you name it, bobby pins come with all kinds of decorations, and they’re a great way to sweep hair away from your face.

7. Bedazzled Hair Clips

There’s never a bad time for a little sparkle, and bedazzled hair clips are a quick, easy way to make your look more glam. Use them to pull your hair into a half-up, half-down, accessorize your top knot, or add some oomph to your beach waves.

8. Put a Bow on It

Bows are big this spring – and they’re showing up in all kinds of hair accessories. Tie a scarf in a bow around your ponytail, or pick up a set of bow clips for an easy, on-trend look.

9. Pony Tail Cuffs

As the weather gets warmer, it’s only natural that you’ll want to keep your hair up and off your neck and shoulders. But why let everyday ponytails be basic? Add some flair to your go-to updo with a sleek ponytail cuff.

10. Chunky Headbands

This spring, go big and bold with your headbands. From padded shapes to bedazzled pearls and bright fabrics, there are so many ways to make your headband the focal point of your outfit.

Ready to step up your spring hairstyles? We all need it after a year’s worth of at-home haircuts and WFH bedhead. Shop Bellefixe for a fresh new look, or contact us today to learn more about our unique hair accessories!