Hair Pins


    Goodbye boring hair pins, hello stunning fashion statement! Of course, Bellefixe offers basic bobby pins for your hair styling needs, but our collection also includes so much more. You’ll find everything from large, glamorous jeweled pins to lightly frosted styles that add a touch of sparkle. We even offer curated sets, so you can mix and match your jewels with ease! If sleek is more your style, you’ll love our metallic hair pins. But if the occasion calls for all-out glam, our pearl hair pins are a perfect choice.

    The best part about our hair accessories? They transition seamlessly from daytime to nighttime wear. Choose a set of chic yet understated gold bobby pins to wear all day with your work clothes. Then, dress them up with your favorite LBD when you’re ready to go out with your besties. Of course, the best bobby pins are the ones with plenty of grip – and you’ll find that Bellefixe pins stay in place all day!

    If you’re wondering how to use bobby pins, it’s super simple! When you’re rocking an updo, use hair pins to hold loose strands in place. Instead of trying to hide your pins, choose statement-making designs and show them off! Bobby pins are also a great way to hold buns and French twists in place. A few pins in the right spots will secure your hair all day. Wearing your hair down? Use hair pins to keep a headband in place, sweep your bangs out of your face, or just add a bit of bling to your locks.

    Find your new favorite hair pins at Bellefixe and get ready to get accessorizing!