Headbands for Masks | How to Wear a Headband with Your Face Mask

How to Wear a Headband with a Mask

Over the past year, masks have become a staple in our daily lives – and will probably remain that way in the future. So, why not treat them like an accessory? By coordinating your face covering with hair ties or other hair accessories – like stylish headbands – you can look polished while staying safe. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to wear a headband with your mask!

Start with Comfortable Headbands

Masks can already be uncomfortable, and there’s no need to make it worse by choosing headbands that pinch or bind! Look for comfy options to pair with face coverings, including fabric headbands or scarves that can be worn around your head.

Need extra tips to make pairing a headband and mask even more comfortable? Some have found that looping the mask’s straps around the headband prevents them from chafing the backs of your ears. There are also headbands with buttons for masks, which keep face coverings off your ears and in place – an essential for people who have to wear one all day.

Coordinating Your Headband with Your Mask

The best way to look put together is to coordinate your accessories – and that includes your mask and headband. There are a few ways to do this. First, look for fabric headbands and cotton face coverings in basic colors like black, pink, blue or another shade that suits your style. Choosing matching colors will give you a trendy, monochromatic look.

If you’re a fan of patterned masks, try complementing them with solid-colored headbands in coordinating hues. You can also switch it around: Keep the spotlight on your hair by choosing a patterned headband and a matching solid mask. 

Another way to coordinate your mask and headband is to pick out elements of your outfit. If you’re blending two tones in your wardrobe, choose a face covering in one shade and a headband in the other so that you have contrasting accessories that still match the overall look.

Hairstyle Ideas That Pair Well with Masks and Headbands

Headbands work well with updos or hair left down; however, depending on the length of your hair, some styles might work better than others when also paired with a mask. For people with medium to long hair, use a headband to sweep your locks away from your face (and out of the way of the mask’s straps). You can also style a ponytail or bun with a headband to keep shorter hair confined. Bonus points if you choose a scrunchy to match both the headband and the mask!

Shorter hair can sometimes get tangled in mask straps, especially if you like to wear it tucked behind your ears. Here, a headband comes in handy to pull the hair away from your ears, making your face covering more comfortable and keeping your strands tangle-free.

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