Ring in the New Year with Our Favorite Hair Accessory Trends for 2022

Ring in the New Year with Our Favorite Hair Accessory Trends for 2022

With the new year just around the corner, everyone is wondering what hairstyle trends are going to be big in 2022. This year’s hairstyles are fun and fresh, and there are so many to choose from. One thing is for sure: the best way to complement and style these haircuts are with beautiful accessories from Bellefixe like clips, pins, headbands, and more. From short to long cuts, curly and straight styles, and everything in between, here are some of the top hairstyle trends to watch for this year to create your most gorgeous look yet!

Shoulder-Length Curls

Got natural curls? Then this is the trend for you. This look focuses on celebrating naturally curly hair in all its beauty. Trim your locks to shoulder-length for a style that is as elegant and effortless as your natural hair. For an elevated look, pair this cut with trending hair accessories like headbands or headwraps. Nestle a gorgeous headband among those curls for a crown-like accessory, or sweep stray locks away from your face by positioning a headband at the hairline. However you choose to style your shoulder-length curls, a few hair accessories can make this look even more beautiful.

The 90’s Sleek Bob

Trends from the ’90s are back in style! This hairstyle – which is making a huge comeback – was simply unforgettable, and there is a lot you can do with it. Start by choosing a length, anywhere from the chin to just above the shoulders. Make sure your cut is all the same length for that sleek and smooth look – so, no layers! For an edgier style, you can also opt for an angled bob, so that your hair is longer in the front than the back. You could even go with sharp bangs cut to the brow line and add some dimension. 

To give this sleek look some personality, style with hair accessories. For those short ponytail days, leave your bangs out and put your hair up with a scrunchie. For a night out, try jeweled bobby pins to slick it back and add sparkle while keeping your strands in place.

Textured Layers

This is another versatile cut that you can wear short or long. Here, it’s all about the texture, so blender layers are the way to go. You’ll want to enhance these stunning layers with texturizing products and your favorite flat iron or curling want to add that needed bit of curl. When styling with accessories, go for a half-up half-down look featuring a beautiful barrette or jaw clip. This style is both functional – keeping hair away from your face – and puts all that gorgeous texture on full display.

Sleek and Simple Pixie Cut

Shorter styles have been on trend for the last several years, and 2022 will be no different! For the coming year, this trend will focus on an easy, simple pixie cut that beautifully frames the face.

This style is particularly fun to pair with hair accessories. When it comes to keeping strands out of your face, bobby pins will be your best friend. Wear them like hair jewelry, choosing pearls, rhinestones, beautiful metals, or other styles to add some glam to your look. Slim headbands also work well with pixie cuts, and you can style them like a tiara. Choose simple headbands for an elegant look, or go full glam with rhinestones, pearls, and elegant finishes.

Flippy Layers are Back!

Looking for a hairstyle that's as fun and free-spirited as you are? Look no further, flippy layers are back in style. This will be a prominent trend in the new year, especially among people with longer lengths. For those who will be rocking flippy layers, the sky is the limit where hair accessories are concerned. When it’s time to put your hair up, pair those lovely layers with a half-up look with scrunchies and jaw clips. Or, throw in a few bejeweled barrettes or bobby pins to add even more dimension to this style.

While these are some of the hottest hair trends to watch for in 2022, there are many more styles to play with. Whatever look you choose for the new year (and new you), visit Bellefixe for all the gorgeous hair accessories you’ll need to create the perfect style.